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The Chocolate Touch Summary & Study Guide

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He has searched the basic commands also. The Chocolate Touch has 12, ratings and reviews. Robert said: I read this yearly with my students and have done so throughout my career.

It's a bo /5(K). This book is a twist of the old King Midas myth.

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John Midas loves chocolate, but in this book his selfishness proves to be detrimental. What happens when everything he touches turns into chocolate?

It seems fun at first, but the fun can only last for so long. THE CHOCOLATE TOUCH SYNOPSIS John loves chocolate more than anything else. When he finds the magical coin and turns it in at the candy store for a box of chocolates.

The Chocolate Touch is a children's book by Patrick Skene Catling, first published in the USA in John Midas is delighted when, through a magical gift, everything his lips touch turns into chocolate.

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The story is patterned after the myth of King Midas, whose magic turned everything he touched into original illustrations were by Mildred Coughlin McNutt, but another edition in the. A sweet romance with a touch of mystery! This is a story where chocolate, secrets and dreams all play significant roles.

Take one chocolatier author promoting her latest book, send her to Marietta where there’s an amazing Chocolate shop, add in her family’s firm and her dreams then mix together with a potential love interest and you’ve got yourself /5(9).

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Chocolate touch
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