Creon as protagonist for antigone

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Sophocles’ Antigone: Protagonist Essay

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What is protagonist?

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Sophocles’ Antigone: Protagonist Essay

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Let life take its development. I see Antigone as the protagonist and Creon as her antagonist. The play presents a conflict: Antigone and the rest of Thebes have been told that those who fight against them in battle will not be.

When a blood feud takes the life of Antigone's (Irene Papas) outlaw brother, the tyrannical King of Thebes decrees that the body he denied a proper burial. In defiance of the law of the king (her uncle), Antigone heroically holds to the calling of a more sublime decree -- no matter what the price in the world of the flesh.

Made with the assistance of the Greek army. Creon gets way more stage time and goes through a more distinct character arc, which leads some to argue that he's the real protagonist.

The best case for Creon as protagonist lies in the fact that he is the one that experiences Aristotle's concepts of peripeteia and anagnorisis. Who is the protagonist in Antigone? Protagonist: Typically in literature, there is a character whom the reader is rooting for, someone the reader wants to win.

King Creon. Nov 19,  · Antigone is the protagonist and Creon the antagonist in "Antigone" by Sophocles ( B.C.E. - B.C.E.). Specifically, the protagonist is the main character, the.

- Creon is the Tragic Hero of Antigone When the title of a play is a character's name, it is normally assumed that the character is the protagonist of the play. In Sophocles' Antigone, most people probably believe Antigone to be the tragic heroine, even after they have finished watching the play.

Creon as protagonist for antigone
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Creon as a Tragic Character in “Antigone”