Solution for flation in vietnam

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Solution for Flation in Vietnam Essay

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Sep 10,  · Inflation % is a broad indicator. A government has to see which commodity prices are increasing and what is the reason. Inflation is calculated based on a basket of commodities with different weights for each commodity.

Actually it is a very large basket. In India, may be it is more than items. It includes items like TV Resolved. Mr. Michael Pento serves as the President and founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies. He is a well-established specialist in the Austrian School of economics and a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, FOX Business News and other national media outlets.

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), in its latest report, also said that inVietnam needs to be watchful over the inflation rate. HSBC said the core inflation of Vietnam is still high at percent in January, higher than the percent in December Solutions for controlling inflation and stabilizing the macroeconomic in Vietnam In short term, firstly, the government should manage the monetary policy as well as the tight fiscal policy in order to reduce aggregate demand of the economy, stabilizing the value of Vietnam dong.

This is a tricky problem, one we faced in the 70 s and it took some shaking problem is downgrading everyones long term view of inflation.

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The economy was prosperous and expanding until.

Solution for flation in vietnam
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