Student attendance monitoring system local literature

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Student Attendance System by Barcode Scan

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Student Absenteeism: Three Studies to Know

This chapter views the relationship of the current project study in connection to the previous related researchers and literatures. Understanding the associated studies both foreign and local, and the concept of other components related to the current project study will clearly show where the proponents got their concepts and ideas.

Student Attendance Monitoring System is known as an essential part of the school security in terms of attendance checking and performance of a certain student, combines with the Swipe Card Technology, The researchers aim to come up with the. Teachers Attendance Monitoring System Introduction Chapter I: Local Literature A computerized system that will facilitate a faster and easier checking of faculty’s attendance during the implementation departmental and/or institutional program is now being utilized at the School of CSIT.

Faculty Attendance Monitoring and. Sep 22,  · For improving achievement, boosting student attendance seems like the lowest of the low-hanging fruit: If you can't get the. Review of Related Literature and Studies ) are also factors that affect a student's attendance and punctuality.

As mentioned by Weade, personal values, financial security and lack of parental guidance (Payne, ) as well as family background (Featherstone et al., ) influence tardiness and absences of students. One of the first steps toward improving student attendance requires developing some form of effective monitoring system.

Schools, parents, and communities cannot act to improve student attendance unless they understand which students are missing school.

Student attendance monitoring system local literature
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